Target group

The target group is formed by:*) 70 Youngsters (especially unemployed) in the cross-border area with ages between 16-24 years, who will be involved in presentations and tests, in activities supporting the increased chances of employability; *)20 Romanian and Serbian teachers will benefit from the training of trainers in the areas of IT, management and entrepreneurship;

*)10 Romanian and Serbian employers will be involved in TES Program, in the training and counseling activities organized for youngsters with the purpose of helping them develop the necessary skills for the labour market.The project activities focus on integrated services for access to job opportunities offered to youngsters with ages between 16-24 years, especially vulnerable groups ( young people not employed, not involved in training or educational activities).

The target group will be put in contact with the National Employment Service. The target group will be committed to the project with the innovative aspects of the activities and the high level of expertise provided by the experts of the University.

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