Activities in OCTOBER 2022

  1. Meeting with Serbian Partners regarding the submission of a new project

Date: 04.10.2022 in Timisoara

2.Workshop  IT modern technologies  (10-21.10.2022) – Nikola Tesla

3.Workshop 3D printing and scanning – SCANING (10.10-23.11.2022) – UPT

Workshop: The practical part: Outings in the field (27 october 2022)

4.Workshop 3D printing and scanning (10-21.10.2022) – Nikola Tesla

5. Presentation of the project result in Timisoara (Liceul Baptist), in 25 October 2022

6.Presentation of the project result in Timisoara (Liceul Penticostal Logos) in 26 October 2022

7.Visit with students (3 and 4 year) on the Oravița-Anina route_October 2022

8.Jobshop,  26-27 october in Timisoara

Activities in OCTOBER 2022
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